System support

My Mobile Witness provides ongoing maintenance, support and licensing of the See Something Send Something® mapping software required for centers to sort, search and analyze inbound tips and deliver outbound messaging. Ongoing support and development of iOS and Android along with future OS platforms.

Media support

My Mobile Witness provides consulting and assistance for states and major cities announcing See Something Send Something® to citizen and first responders. A full suite of materials needed for states and major cities to rollout advanced SAR technology to citizens and first responders can be provided.


  • New York State Police, Governors Office, Department of Homeland Security, DHS OIT
  • Pennsylvania State Police, Governors Office, Attorney Generals Office
  • Louisiana State Police, DHS, DPS, Sheriffs Association
  • Virginia State Police, Legal Affairs, Governors Office
  • Colorado State Police, Office of Homeland Security
  • Ohio Department of Public Safety, Office of Homeland Security
  • Missouri Highway Patrol, Office of Homeland Security
  • Georgia Department of Public Safety, Governors Office, DHS, GBI
  • Alabama Fusion Center, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
  • Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, Department of Public Safety
  • Arkansas State Fusion Center
  • Indiana Fusion Center, Indiana State Police
  • Tennesee State Fusion Center, Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security
  • West Virginia Governors Office, Capitol Protective Services, Fusion Center